-An Astrological Perspective.-

Not my Bourdain. Those were my first thoughts when I heard the news. We all have celebrities and public people that hold a special place in our hearts for some unknown, yet special reason and he has a place in mine.

I don’t have his birth time, so we’re looking at an incomplete chart with an uncertain Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, and house positions. However, in his case, the transits clearly paint the picture or (very real) façade that he was experiencing.

Anthony Bourdain’s Sun is in Cancer and forms a beautiful conjunction to planet Venus in Gemini. This gives him a natural charisma that others find themselves attracted to. His Sun is also trine Neptune which adds a dreamy, empathic, free-floating sensitivity to his core identity. He has openly admitted to struggling with substance abuse in the past and making poor decisions throughout his life, yet, his popularity remains unscathed. Appreciated and adored for his shortcomings. Why? Because he showed his true soul to the world.

Humanity is a dichotomic balance between flaws and perfected states that we make up in our minds. He was rewarded for just being himself–a flawed human, soaking in perfection with a kind heart on his sleeve.

With Neptune on his Sun, people automatically feel compelled to forgive and forget with him. He has an inherent sensitivity that others pick up on no matter how much he tries to sabotage himself. He was kind of like a cat with more than 9 lives. Whether he knew it or not, people were always willing to give him a second chance.

I suspect that he had an Aquarius Moon because he loved exploring various cultures and cuisines. He also once said in an article published by The New Yorker, “I love the sheer weirdness of kitchen life: the dreamers, the crackpots, the refugees, and the sociopaths with whom I continue to work…” People with an Aquarius moon find comfort in strange things and have a tendency to isolate themselves within their own obscurity. He was known as a renegade chef who broke all the traditional rules.

His Mercury is conjunct his South Node in Gemini which indicates that he wore himself out with his own mind. Racing thoughts, over thinking and endless contemplation with no home base. He was extremely intelligent but scattered. The Gemini mind is incredibly capable but without proper grounding, it acts as one giant short circuit firing off in a complex maze. Recalibration periods were necessary for him but also very draining and depressing. With his Mars in Pisces squaring his Mercury, he was a gentle soul but so hard on himself. His own mind was his greatest gift and worst enemy. How does one wage a war against their mind and win? He was frustrated and confused by his own thought process on a daily basis.

Astrological transits during his time of death

We just came out of a Pisces Moon period. When the Moon occupies the sign of Pisces, his depressive state unveils. Delusions flow and his mind spins. I feel that his death was influenced by someone else. The downside to the Pisces moon is that, for some, it can be difficult to differentiate personal emotions from others around them, even at great physical distances. This would indicate that he may have been envisioning his death days before it actually happened.

Saturn was transiting his South Node and forming a quincunx aspect. This can indicate one of the most difficult periods of a person’s life. We all have limitations somewhere in our lives. His experience of those limitations was temporarily triggering difficult memories of the past. Since transiting Saturn is in Capricorn, I would say that the current limitations could have been related to his reputation in the world. Career issues were probably a concern, as well.

Uranus in Taurus was squaring his natal Uranus-this aspect usually only happens twice during a person’s life. This was causing him to re-evaluate his entire life direction and possibly implement drastic changes. Retirement from his career, shifting into a more private life and/or a radical career change would have been heavy on his mind.

Transiting Mars was approaching his Chiron-meaning deep, traumatic experiences of the past were also being reignited for him. Mars on Chiron motivates the need to heal oneself but with added frustration.

The South node was close to Chiron also. He was mentally exhausted, drained, confused and looking for a way to heal himself. He was experiencing a universal soul reckoning. We all will at some point in our lives.

He was IS (because our souls never die) a sweet soul with an insatiable curiosity about the world and the people in it. May his heart be full and his mind be at peace.