Schedule an Appointment

What to expect

All readings, at this time, will be done via Skype. At the time of your appointment, I will contact you with the Skype ID you have provided. Please make certain that the information you give me is accurate. I will verify your birth data with you at the beginning of the reading.

If you mistakenly give me incorrect information (such as a birth time of 8:00 pm instead of 8:00 am), we will need to reschedule the reading. I do require a bit of time prior to the reading in order to acquaint myself with your birth chart. It is important to know that even a small discrepancy in the birth time can significantly change your personal astrological information.

During the reading, I will share my screen so that you will be able to see the data and graphics that I am using for your reading. Generally, a natal chart reading is about 60 minutes and a yearly forecast is about 30 minutes. I’m not offering reading recordings at this time but I will email you with a copy of your natal chart after the appointment has concluded.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email.