-Serious Business to Handle-

Astrologers consider Saturn to be a teaching planet. It spends around 2.5 years in each sign with the goal of moving us toward becoming more structured in a certain area of our lives. The lessons it teaches us are often those requiring heavy responsibility and a sense of duty. The need for accomplishment is high when Saturn is involved, especially when it moves into the sign of Capricorn.

Planet Saturn has spent the last few years in the sign of Sagittarius. Think back to an area of your life that required a majority of your time, discipline and commitment. That’s all about to change, in a big way. As Saturn moves into Capricorn, our obligations naturally shift over into a brand new area of life.

Check your Sun sign and Ascendant below for more information about where Saturn’s lesson will show up in your life. The influences of Saturn will affect this area until March 2020!


Career and social standing will be the focus. Bored at work? Co-workers or authority figures not giving you the credit you deserve? Saturn helps you control your impulses and make more calculated efforts toward achievement. Bypassing and/or skipping crucial steps will not bring success. You have to work your way through the ranks.


Education, spirituality, travel and legal matters will be the focus. Feeling the need to explore and expand your mind? Saturn keeps you grounded and reminds you to stay true to yourself during all of the new experiences. Any lawsuits or publishing issues will come to a close. Saturn reminds you that no one can take away your integrity.


Deep transformation, soul bonding, intimacy, and finances of people around you will be the focus. Avoiding heavy talks? Fear of intimacy? Resisting changes? Is someone hiding something from you? Saturn brings these issues to the forefront for a final resolution.


Legal contracts, business negotiations, marriage, and personal relationships will be the focus. When was the last time you reviewed your will, power of attorney or other legal documents? Saturn finds the holes, you patch them up. Additionally, long-standing issues within a marriage or important partnership can become glaringly apparent. You will start to feel ready to take the necessary steps to fix them for good or finally move on.


Daily life, work and health will be the focus. Unsatisfied with your health? Saturn encourages you to adopt a new daily routine. Crash diets and cutting corners won’t work. The influence of Saturn is serious about creating a healthy lifestyle for the long term.


Creative pursuits, children and dating will be the focus. A date is not just a date anymore. Serious Saturn is playing for keeps. Baby bumps may also be on your mind. If you already have children, be prepared to take on more parental responsibilities. Also, if you have a creative project on the table, Saturn wants it to be more structured and solid before moving forward.


Home and familial relationships will be the focus. Wanting to make some home improvements? Saturn wants it done right this time and within a budget. If your family life is in disarray, Saturn hands you the puzzle pieces but you have to glue them together yourself.


Communications, learning, short distance travel, commuting and relationships with siblings will be the focus. Want to be taken more seriously in your assertions toward others? Feeling unheard? Saturn gives you your voice–use it wisely. Lessons in deciding when to hold back and when you use your stinger prevail.


Self-worth, confidence, material possessions and direct income will be the focus. Are you in need of a confidence boost or slice of humble pie? Saturn will deliver. Either way, long-term financial planning and budgeting will at the forefront of your mind.


Your outward appearance and behaviors that are seen by others will be the focus. Tired of who other people think you are? Saturn will help you methodically reinvent yourself.


Personal psychological beliefs and healing will be the focus. Thinking of seeing a counselor? Is that closest of skeletons getting full? Saturn will encourage you to kick the door open and dance with them instead of hiding them. This will help you come to terms with the stagnations of the past so you can finally move forward.


Goals, dreams, friendships and group interactions will be the focus. Manifesting a dream into reality? Saturn will make sure you have a solid foundation first. Also, if you find yourself surrounded by superficial friendships, Saturn puts them to the test. Solid friends will stay, the less committed will be released.