-The Starry-eyed Healers of Our World-

Life as a Pisces person is like drifting through mirrored clouds during a psychedelic rainstorm. Every shift and inflection of the world is felt deeply, taken to heart and alters their state of being. Hearts adorned on their sleeve, absorbing every subtlety with incredible perception. This vulnerability is both a gift and a sharp knife.

The sign of Pisces is associated with planet Neptune. It influences their lives more so than any other sign. They dream, sing and create. If not literally, they do so with their imagination. They know a brand new reality is only a dream away. Always in search of a perfect universal love to be shared with everyone.

They can be hard to pin down. Often flip-flopping like a wet fish between decisions. One day they’re in, the next day they’re out. Back and forth, trying to merge with what feels best. The truth is, what feels best changes from day to day. Sometimes, second to second. Their intuition guides them. Commitments are not usually permanent. Not because of insincerity. It’s mostly due to a need to flow with people and life. A solid commitment blocks the flow and that is very uncomfortable for this sign. Set plans are like stagnant bodies of water. Rivers, or better yet, oceans feel more natural for this fish.

They are known for being incredibly psychic. The thoughts and feelings of others flow through the Pisces person as if they are their own. They experience life through the experiences of those around them. All the more reason why they need to be extremely careful with whom they associate themselves.

A Pisces person has great difficulty with tolerating the suffering of others. When they sense suffering, they have a tendency to align themselves with it; often taking on the painful experiences of others. After all, the suffering of one is the suffering of the world right? This may be true but Pisces people are susceptible to those looking to take advantage of such compassion. Their soul is driven to heal everyone, even at the risk of harming themselves in the process.

As intuitive as they are, it’s easy for this sign to get lost in another person–especially, in love. Extra care must be taken to prevent falling prey to facades and disillusionment. When they fall in love, the world is one step closer to being a complete place. In their eyes, love for them is love for the entire universe. Everyone feels it and benefits. Their love drifts through the ethers and dissipates into stardust for all to experience.

The interconnectedness of all life forms is well within their comprehension. In a perfect realm, everyone would understand this basic universal principle. However, this world is full of imperfections and they must somehow learn to differentiate their own path from another person’s.

And with that, I’ll leave you with the song lyrics that only a Pisces person could conjure:

In you, I see dirty
In you, I count stars
In you, I feel so pretty
In you, I taste god
In you, I feel so hungry
In you, I crash cars
We must never be apart…

-Billy Corgan of the band Smashing Pumpkins