-Hungry Mind, Open Heart-

Sagittarius is a sign that represents education, spirituality, travel, and expansion of the mind. It’s open and free, yet full of integrity with a strong moral code.

This new moon may have you thinking of broadening your horizons in several ways. You might be considering a new educational endeavor; whether it be through a formal university, class, talk with someone or simply reading new information. The mind is hungry during this new moon—so feed it! I’m feeding my mind by going to a chocolate making class to learn how to perfect my Christmas goodies this year. It can be that simple or more complex depending on your personal natal chart placements.

A few notable aspects of this moon are two planetary conjunctions with Venus and Saturn. Venus brings an emphasis to the aesthetics of this new endeavor. You are focusing on things being warm, safe and visually appealing. You’ll also probably want your close friends and those you care deeply for around you at this time. However, with Saturn nearby, there can be a feeling of needing more. Restrictions may come up with females and family members. Or you could be subconsciously integrating the lackluster experiences of the past into the present. Remember, new moon=new beginning! New beginnings are not always guaranteed, sometimes you have to take the action yourself to see the benefit. Saturn wants to see you put forth the effort this time.

Be careful not to go overboard in your efforts. With the presence of Jupiter forming a semi-square to the moon, you might want to overdo it a little. If you suddenly find yourself standing in line at a bookstore with 20 books, that might be a sign. Another sign could be a religious or ethical discussion shifting into a heated debate. Overeating might be tempting at this time also.

This new moon gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge base. The more we know, the better equipped we are to handle this strange world we live in. It’s a mixed bag of influences that will be with us for the next few days.