-Methodical moves toward attainment-

The new moon on Jan 16th brings us determination to succeed. It’s practical, yet driven. Many people will find themselves finally implementing a work strategy that has been on the back burner. The Capricorn Moon energy is slow-moving and methodical but it always has a purpose. The purpose is to succeed in work, business and financial management.

Capricorn is an earth sign. Detailed planning and organization are the name of the game. This sign loves to dig its roots into the dirt and feel stable. A secure home and work life are essential. We all have our own measures of success but when the Moon is in Capricorn, financials are emphasized. I expect to see a lot of career moves, bank activities and large expenditures within the days surrounding the new Moon. It is likely that these things were planned well in advance. Again, this energy is not impulsive. It’s like molasses moving through a carefully carved wooden maze.

There will be 5 planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto) in Capricorn at the time of the new Moon. All working to develop a vortex of energy within this sign. Big things are happening, but only for those who have planned accordingly.

With the Moon squaring planet Uranus, there will be some stubborn people and surprising events that may challenge your goals. Keep in mind, there will still be an infusion of luck and determination from the Mars-Jupiter conjunction that I mentioned in an earlier article. That should help with any resistance from outside variables.

The last thing to note about our new Moon is that it will have people feeling extremely sensitive toward those around them. With the Moon conjunct Venus and forming a sextile to Chiron, there may be some conflict with deciding when to put your own needs before someone else’s. That’s a personal decision we all have to make sometimes. Business and work will take precedence, with so many planets in Capricorn, over the next few days.

With all this unique planetary activity, I’ve personally noticed my creativity has been stunted a bit. It should only last another week if anyone else is experiencing this as well.