-A Subtle Wave of Hidden Power and Luck-

As I laid in bed, snuggled up in the softest, warmest linens i could find, something felt off. My ability to relax was impaired. When I focused my attention on this odd feeling, I noticed it began to slowly morph into a burning, internal drive to do something…or change something. That something was hard to pinpoint. Typically, when I lay down to sleep, I sleep. But this night was different. It was more than just restlessness—it was a combustible potency running through my veins.

After an unsuccessful attempt to process my experience, I remembered the one thing in the world that always helps me solve things—astrology! Let the investigation begin! Lo and behold, upon checking the current transits, I noticed Mars and Jupiter were forming an exact conjunction in the sign of Scorpio.

The position and placement of Mars can be used to figure out the drive, initiative, motivation, aggression and impulses within the direct environment. Jupiter tells us where luck, growth and expansion can be found.

When these two planets combine, you experience an abundance of motivation, energy and aggression directed toward a particular area of your life. This can be extremely helpful when it’s channeled properly. Not to mention the fact that both planets are in Scorpio too. Scorpio is known for tackling the most challenging of tasks. Scorpio has no fear of things that frighten the norm. They will dig through the darkest of places and completely obliterate obstacles. When they fixate on a goal, nothing in the world can stop them. Transforming stagnant situations is one of their obsessions. The curious part is that these motivations are completely covert. Your motivations at this time will likely be hidden from others. You feel it, you know it but no one else will…until you want them to.

With this energy, you may find yourself wanting to break barriers and transform the impossible. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will last through the weekend and taper off next week.

To find out where your hidden energy and luck will manifest, check your Sun sign and Ascendant:


Your support systems, intimate relationships and metaphysical matters.


Your partnerships, marriage and legal contracts.


Your work and health.


Your children, creativity and sense of fun.


Your home and family.


Your communication style, learning and siblings.


Your money management and confidence.


Your identity, your soul and how you choose to present yourself to others.


Your psychological well-being.


Your friendships, goals and dreams.


Your career and social standing.


Your spirituality, intuition, long-distance travel plans, and educational endeavors.