-You get your closure, but it’s confusing and a little messy-

We have a full moon approaching! It will bask in the light of the stars for all to see on December 3rd. Full moons bring us closure. They signify the end of something in your life, big or small. This moon will occupy the sign of Gemini and place an emphasis on communications, thinking and the mind. Gemini also covers other areas including siblings, short trips and learning. Interestingly, the full moon arrives on the same day the Mercury retrograde begins—adding to the overall confusion for the month of December.

Many people naturally flow with the cycles of the moon without knowing it. When you are aligned with the moon, it doesn’t necessarily make your life easier but it does make it more methodical. It gives a sense of progression. If you have a stuck feeling…it may be an indicater suggesting that you are not aligned with the cycles of the cosmos. Letting go of certain things can be nearly impossible at times but a full moon is an invitation to do so. Although, depending on its position and aspects, it can be more of a push than an invitation.

Here’s how the moon flow works: A new moon arrives and you begin something. A full moon appears and you end something. That is the very basic formula of that captivating, bright, round thing up in the sky. What happens in the sky impacts our lives here on earth. “As above, so below” ring any bells? As an astrologer, I love that saying.

The moon isn’t exactly comfortable in the sign of Gemini. The moon represents motherly, nurturing energy and it is quite tender and subjective. However, as it moves into the sign of Gemini, it brings a need to rationalize and talk about everything. True emotions can be unacknowledged or even lost because this sign would rather think and talk than actually feel. This is the dominant energy of the approaching full moon.

The confusing part about this moon is that it desperately needs to talk, but the Mercury retrograde will bring miscommunications. Talk and be misunderstood? Or stay silent and unfulfilled? Admittedly, it’s a tough situation. Don’t be discouraged, the effects of the full moon only last a few days.

Endings are upon us now and one of the challenges will be trying to process them. The moon will urge us to be objective about a door closing but that’s not always easy to do. It will be making aspects to Mars and Neptune. This will bring frustration and possibly some aggression to the situation. It’s hard to accept something tail spinning into oblivion, when you’d hoped it would soar with the eagles.

There’s also an internal need for this ending to be absolutely perfect. You may be reluctant to fully move forward until everything is placed in a beautifully wrapped package and floating away into the clouds. Neptune is known for bringing forth some overly idealistic expectations. It can also cause confusion and melancholy. You may question whether or not it’s the right time to release but rest assured, you will be given signs that you’re doing the right thing.

Whatever this is for you, a relationship, a job, an idea, a lifestyle, a person…it’s time to release. The full moon is encouraging you to say goodbye and move forward. You may be tempted to go overboard by chaining and dead bolting the door but that’s not needed. Simply flow with the moon and gently close the door. Liberate yourself from this and allow yourself to heal. It’s time now.

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