-A New Generation Born-

Looking at the baby’s chart, I see that she is an Aquarius Sun, Virgo Moon and Leo Ascendant. This girl will be the renegade of the family! She’ll tend toward doing things just a little differently than the rest of the family. Probably appearing quite eccentric and drawn toward things that others would consider odd. She’ll have moments in her life where she feels like she’s on the outside looking in but deep down she would rather be kooky that fit the normal mold. That’s just the way of the Aquarius people. She will have a strong need to change the world and influence groups of people. Humanitarian and philanthropic activities will be important to her.

As a Leo Ascendant, she will be seen as a creative, fun-loving and family oriented person. Effortlessly attracting people to her. Most will view her as a natural star with a wild side. Although, on the inside, she will reject the idea of fame. It will challenge her ego drive, which is more centered on helping and giving to others.

On her day of birth, the Moon was in the sign of Virgo indicating that health, fitness and wellness will be the key to her emotional well-being. A Virgo moon person needs to live a healthy, organized, structured life to feel good. Also, with planet Pluto in her 6th house, health will be a big topic in her life. Upheavals with regard to her health will be prominent. But again, her emotions are strongly linked to her physical self with the Moon forming a trine to Saturn in the 6th house.

She will take enjoyment doing little things for people to make their lives easier. Being of service is a source of emotional satisfaction. She will also value politeness and make personal efforts to behave the same but it may be challenging for her. Because she definitely has a feisty, firecracker side and will not be afraid to put people in their place. However, her planet Pluto does form a semisquare to planet Mars and sesquisquares the Moon. She needs to be extremely careful with men.

A couple other things I’ve noticed in her chart is that she is very intelligent–on a Mensa, genius level. She will learn things with lightning speed and develop new ways to solve problems that have not been thought of before. A quirk of hers people might notice is that her voice will have a nasal undertone to it at times. It’s common with people who have a lot of air sign placements in their chart. Rest assured, she will be putting her intelligence to good use with all of her humanitarian interests.

With her planet Neptune in Pisces, in the 8th house, she will have strong intuitive abilities including mediumistic and psychic tendencies. She may even choose to do metaphysical work at some point in her life. Although, whatever she does will bring attention to her. Leo Ascendants typically lead public lives.

What’s her soul purpose here? Her North node is in Leo and in the 1st house. This tells me that developing her own personal sense of identity is important. She will also be challenged to learn how to cultivate her own independence and not be overly reliant upon others. There will be times where she may feel a bit selfish about shining so brightly in her life but in doing so, she can inspire and affect the lives of others. Sounds simple enough right? Actually, people with this life purpose often feel extremely guilty to the point of repressing their true talents for a large portion of their lives. There will be obstacles along the way (particularly with men and her health) that she will have to overcome. When this happens, she will ultimately achieve an equilibrium between her ego drive and deepest soul desires.