-Behind the gate and under the suit-

The first thing to note is that Trump is a Gemini Sun in the 11th house (using whole signs), with a Moon in Sagittarius, in the 5th house and a Leo Ascendant. This immediately tells me that we have a person with a curiosity about the world and a need to expand his mind. Learning new things and interacting with a variety of people from unique backgrounds is important to him. There will always be a dramatic flair to the way others see him living his life. With a Sun in the 11th conjunct his North node, fulfilling goals and impacting large groups are paramount to his life purpose.

When he feels threatened, he has a tendency to exude egotism and selfish, child-like behaviors. He will most likely look to his family and/or closest associates for support. Unfortunately, they have more of a propensity to drain him, emotionally, than assist him. Particularly, the female members because his Moon forms a close conjunction to his South node.

Additionally, he finds that when he looks to the females for support, they often leave him feeling abandoned. From a public perspective, we see his family standing by his side but behind closed doors, they approach him with a cold, restrictive demeanor. He also finds that they are erratic and undependable during times when he needs them the most. There are conflicts between his personal hopes for them and what they choose to do with their own lives.

With his 5th house Moon, he desperately needs warmth and love from his family; without it, the world becomes an unsafe, scary place. When that happens, all the negative traits of his Leo South node and Ascendant emerge. Arrogance, anger, and resorting to oppressive tactics in an attempt to restore his sense of safety.

Looking at his Mercury placement, I can see that many of his political decisions are based on intuition as opposed to rational thought processes. With a 12th house Mercury in Cancer, he is extremely private about his actual political strategies and relies heavily on emotions when making judgments. That works for some people if their Mercury is well-aspected. Unfortunately, his Mercury is squaring Neptune in the 3rd house. This is indicative of a person who relentlessly questions their own thoughts and struggles to communicate effectively. We all have a weak spot. The Presidents’ is that he cannot depend on his own thinking or communication efforts, as they are based mostly on subjective impressions.

He goes back and forth, trying to decide if he made the right choice or not. He can easily get lost in his own imagination, fantasies and strange thoughts. Not to mention that Mercury rules his area of personal resources, finances and self-confidence. He is at risk of grossly misperceiving his own self-worth, both financially and mentally. When this happens, he fluctuates between states of depression and narcissistic euphoria, depending on how he perceives himself at the time. We’ve all seen the latter, where he boasts his grandiose accomplishments to the media and the general public. Strange behavior indeed but the fascinating part is that he truly believes what he is saying. The promises, the goals, the threats–he means them but they fade away as his mood changes.

We’ve all noticed his brash decisions in hiring and firing of advisors. A Mercury square Neptune person needs to be surrounded by trustworthy people who can provide grounding and reality checks. However, Trump’s 7th house ruler makes a challenging aspect to his Moon, indicating that he has difficulty trusting the support offered to him. When his mood shifts, he fires someone in haste. Leaving him to his own mental faculties, he flounders and those around him pay the price.

Why was he given this power? What is his purpose here?

With Chiron in the 3rd house, he has experienced trauma with attempts to communicate himself during adolescence. He may have felt unheard, unintelligent or could have had some type of speech impediment. As a result, he communicates with a chip on his shoulder. Or rather, a scar on his shoulder. Instead of making attempts to overcompensate for this inherent insecurity, he is being challenged to use this to help others.

He has a tendency to disrespect others when he speaks–much like the way he was treated in his youth. His challenge in this life is to learn how to communicate with others for the greater good of humanity. With his North node forming a trine to Chiron and conjunct the Sun in the 11th house, the emphasis of his life is to participate in self-less interactions with groups for the greater good of the whole. His purpose isn’t about fame, wealth or power. It’s simply about learning how to talk to people in a way that will make a positive impact on humanity.