Lionheart offers personal natal chart services

Personal Natal Chart Reading + Forecast

At the very moment of your birth into this world, the planets in the sky were held in specific positions that are unique to your birth date, birth time and birth location. The exact planetary coordinates are used to create a personalized natal chart that describes every single component of your life. Family, relationships, work, financials and soul purpose are all topics that I openly discuss. My style of natal chart delineation involves a thorough examination of the planetary positions, houses, aspects and how they relate to you on a holistic level.

I will also include a brief forecast describing the areas of your life that will be highlighted over the next year.


Lionheart offers six-month forecasts


This is a detailed forecast, in which I will determine what areas of your life will be of primary focus for the entire year. I use a combination of astrological techniques to describe the overall emphasis your life and if it will be a stressful or smooth period of time for you.





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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, with a love for the ocean and our amazing music scene. Unfazed by excessive torrential downpours and with stars in my eyes, always on the lookout for the next full moon. I am passionately obsessed with my fellow human beings and driven to improve the lives of those around me.

My pursuit of astrological knowledge has persisted for the past two decades, including a stint at the University of Washington that endowed me with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biology, all the while doing natal chart readings for my willing counterparts.

A well-known astrologer once said to me, with so much conviction in his voice: “You are not vulnerable. You have the STRENGTH to fight for the TRUTH. Now, go do it.” At the time, his words felt like shock waves radiating through the most hidden part of my soul. With one brief yet powerful statement, he had unknowingly inspired me to finally begin my astrology practice. I know first-hand how transformational astrological advice can be. My hope is to be that person for others.

Why Astrology?

Astrology has been around for thousands of years! From very early on, humans have known that there is a correlation between the coordinates of the planets at our exact time of birth and our personality traits, proclivities and life lessons. Astrology recognizes that at the moment of our birth, the exact positions of the planets in our solar system can be analyzed and ultimately utilized as a roadmap for our entire life. We are all born with unique characteristics. We are all born to interact with certain people. We are all born with lessons to learn. Astrology is essentially the ‘coding’ to a better understanding of our life path here on earth.

Sometimes our lives can seem overwhelming and confusing. However, we are all here with a purpose. A natal chart can shed light on what that purpose is, as well as other factors like familial relationships, romantic encounters, friendships, vocation, business concerns, strengths and challenges. Have you ever wondered why you need to maintain control in relationships? Have you ever wondered why you haven’t found your passion in life? Have you been considering a career change? Are you trying to determine if you should enter into a partnership with someone? Or maybe you’d like to know what areas of life will be a focus for you over the next coming months. Astrology can tell us those answers and so much more. A natal chart reading can describe our primary needs, desires and overall motivation for living.

I began studying astrology at the age of 15 because I wanted to know more about myself. Once I unlocked the doorway to my own self-discovery, I started to wonder about the people around me. How is it that one person just seems to ‘get me’ but another person cannot no matter how much I explain myself? Why is it that we are drawn toward certain people, yet repelled by others? The answers are in your natal chart.

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is a science. Somewhere along the way, astrology lost its mainstream value. However, it is one of the most ancient sciences in our history and it’s making a comeback.



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